Naja  HI     SOLD

1993 Buckskin 15.1-1/2 H Lusitano Mare                        video link
An amazing imported mare who passes on her finest qualities. Naja is the most sweet and loving mare who has produced wonderful offspring. She has been a valuable broodmare, is healthy and u-t-d on everything. Very vibrant and younger than her years. Video was taken in October 2014.
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DEM Arya

2010 Black S/P Mare                                                             video link
This impressive, 16.2H black Andalusian mare is bred from proven FEI competitive Lusitano and Spanish dressage lines.  Her dam, Noche Paloma, is an Andalusian champion herself, and has produced high level dressage horses.  DEM Arya’s size, color, temperament, and movement make her a serious choice for either an amateur or professional.  If you are looking to compete a gorgeous horse with exceptional talent, DEM Arya will fulfill your dreams.  Her stride and rhythm are attributes sought after in today’s competition horse, but rarely seen in the Iberian breeds.  DEM Arya is a significant mare for the earnest competitor.  Sire: Bariloche do Arete, 16.3+H black bay Lusitano. Dam: Noche Paloma, black 16.2H Andalusian (S/P) mare. LOCATED NEAR RALEIGH, NC. 
See her at liberty:
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DEM Fresca - SOLD

2008 Bay 15.1H Lusitano Mare                                             video link
Fresca is a beautiful, classy ‘08 mare that is so balanced, responsive and keen.  As you watch her move at liberty you will notice how adept she is in all 3 gaits.  She has the potential to make a fabulous dressage horse for a diminutive rider, or could be developed into an excellent Working Equitation horse.  She demonstrates the dexterity to do it all with ease.  She sports 1/3rd  Veiga and 2/3rd Andrade in her pedigree.  For many distinguished Lusitano Breeders this is considered the perfect blend of Portuguese bloodlines for an exceptional riding horse. She is already at walk, trot and canter under saddle.  DEM Fresca is a powerhouse of talent waiting for her special person.  Dam: Xira do Retiro imported mare  Sire: Istoso. LOCATED NEAR RALEIGH, NC  VIDEO UNDER SADDLE      VIDEO AT LIBERTY
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Nochel Paloma    SOLD

1994 Black 16.2H BroodMare                                      video link
Producer of outstanding quality foals with great minds and fabulous movement.    
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Te Te VA     SOLD

1999 Smoky Creme 15.1H Lusitano Mare                             video link
This gorgeous, imported Lusitano mare is equivalent to the fairytale Goose that laid the Golden Egg, because Te Te Va has produced rare colored offspring every time, bred to a variety of stallions. Her beautiful buckskin, perlino, and smokey black offspring are recognized throughout the US as being top quality horses with the added bonus of color. Beyond her gorgeous conformation, she is a kind and sweet mare that is fun to ride and easy to breed. Te Te VA can fill a variety of roles at any farm. She is a valuable broodmare, a generous riding horse, and a loving companion. This mare is a perfect choice for the discriminating breeder wanting to produce beauty and color. She is an investment that will continue to generate big returns with her outstanding offspring. It’s unusual for a mare of this quality and to ever come on the market so don’t miss this opportunity!   Navarra HM  x  Dito. 

Lusitano Mares

Exotica MC APSL Lusitano Mare - SOLD

Grey 2009 APSL Revised                             
Tejo II VA x Tarambola
Exceptional movement and athleticism, proven broodmare (bay, non-grey offspring, with even greater movement and athleticism – see video of her filly Lua Crescente SM. Exotica’s sire is the magnificent Brazilian import Tejo II VA, and her dam was imported from the legendary Arsenio Raposo Cordeiro in Portugal.  Exotica was started lightly under saddle at age 5, then used as a broodmare.  She is beig put back under saddle again and is currently open. 14.3 ¾ hh, with  substantial build.  Located in Ocala. FL  See her video at age 3:  LIBERTY VIDEO 
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DEM Alegre

2009 Gray 15.1 H Lusitano Mare                                           video link
Accolades beyond measure are synonymous with the appearance of this spectacular 5 yr. old mare. According to some world-recognized trainers and breeders, DEM Alegre, is one of the best competitive dressage Lusitano mares they have ever seen. Her movement and form have been compared to the new European Warmbloods. She is expressive, balanced, responsive, forward, and uphill. She exudes so many of the qualities desired and needed for the FEI levels. DEM Alegre is also a proven broodmare, and if that’s not enough, she also jumps! This mare melds everything into one dynamic package that is astonishing to behold. She stands at 15.1H and is a mother lode of talent. Proven broodmare. APSL eligible Sired by Tejo II VA, 16.1H black bay Lusitano stallion, out of Tarumandai do Penagono. SHOW EXPERIENCE. Located near RALEIGH, NC. 
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DEM Princessa

2009 Bay 15.2-1/2 H Lusitano Mare                                       video link
This beautiful, baroque mare is the product of two imported parents. She has the basics under saddle, w-t-c and is safe for amateur riders. Princessa is a gorgeous mare. She had an early diagnosed case of EPM many years ago for  which she was treated and has had no recurrence. She is healthy and fit going under saddle, ideally suited for pleasure or trails.  Sired by Tejo II VA, 16.1H black bay Lusitano stallion, out of Zafra do Retiro, imported mare.  LOCATED NEAR RALEIGH, NC
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DEM Lucia

2010 Bay 15H Lusitano Mare                          Video I     |      Video II 
Absolutely stunning movement on this proven mare. She has gorgeous conformation and will make someone a fantastic broodmare or riding partner. Currently open and doing ground work.  Dam: Ssirena (15.1/2H x Lusiadas (16H)   LOCATED NEAR RALEIGH, NC
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DEM Peiley

2009 Bay 16H Lusitano Mare                                              video link
Wow factor abounds!  This girl is 16 hands of powerfully gorgeous movement.  Her sire is the fabulous black/bay 16:1 H. high-school Lusitano, Tejo II VA, and her dam is the spectacular 16:2 h Tarumandi do Penagono.  Both parents are imported and have stamped DEM Peiley with qualities too numerous to list.  Her slow cadence is one of the hallmarks given her by her illustrious sire.  Her dam passes on her bearing, size and beauty.  DEM Peiley displays genuine competitive attributes.  She is smart, sensible and authentic.   RALEIGH, NC
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Corazona MC APSL Lusitano Broodmare 

This mare is for breeders seeking world class quality & proven bloodlines that stand out from the crowd:
Here is an exclusive opportunity to obtain a beautiful APSL approved mare from the famed stud of Arsenio Raposo Cordeiro (Portugal). Corazona is a lovely, classically built 2007 grey broodmare that, by virtue of her exceptional offspring, has more than proven herself as a genetic treasure trove. Corazona is heterozygous grey and has produced several bay offspring. Corazona recently gave birth to a stunning 2017 colt by Bariloche do Arete,  an APSL approved black bay 16.3+H imported classical stallion. Her 2016 filly, Mystique SM, is black bay, the color of her sire (she will not grey). Corazona is  very attractively priced for a mare of her outstanding quality. She produces larger foals than herself. Available alone, or bred back, or with colt at side - creative options are available. Her outstanding fillies will be retained for our breeding program. Don't miss this opportunity to acquire this mare and claim her exceptional lineage for your program. Available to an APPROVED HOME. Located in Ocala. FL  See
video of Bariloche do Arete, sire of recent foals.  See Corozona's  LIBERTY VIDEO


2013 Palomino Lusitano Mare

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This exotic palomino filly has silvery streaks in her mane and tail inherited from her dam by Quarteto do Top.  She is elastic and flexible, exhibiting beautifully balanced gaits with desirable qualities for working equitation, dressage and eventing. She has a solid foundation of ground work and natural horsemanship and has been schooling dressage in prof. training since Spring 2016.  Her imported sire Halconero is lauded for his versatility, with dual careers in jumping under the Canadian Olympic trainer Jim Ifco, and his origin in the bullring. Her imported grandsire Quarteto do Top was a brilliant FEI dressage horse. She has a charismatic personality and is stady and reliable, responsive to aids, willing to please.   Located in FLA.    
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Xira do Retiro - SOLD

2003 Imported Buckskin  Dardo II Daughter                        Video
Xira is a jewel not only evidenced by her expressive uphill movement but also her sweet, unflappable nature. She is a kind, responsive mare with the willingness to please. Amateur friendly and going under saddle, as well as being an outstanding broodmare for Donemor Farm. This choice mare is available only due to downsizing the herd.  Sire Dardo II   Dam: Orla do Top.  Located in North Carolina. 
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DEM Trina - SOLD

2008  15.3H Lusitano Mare                                          video link
This lovely mare has substance, expressive movement and joy de vivre. She is out of the beautiful Ssirena, sired by Hypogrifo.  Tina is trained under saddle. She is currently open and sells with a breeding to Bariloche do Arete, the 16.3H+ imported black bay APSL stallion in Ocala, FL.  LOCATED NEAR RALEIGH, NC
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DEM Andromeda - SOLD

2011 Lusitano 15.1+H  Mare           Ridden Pt 1      Ridden Pt II      At Liberty
There are not enough superlatives to describe this stunning filly who possesses some of the best dressage bloodlines in the breed.  Her movement is a testament to her illustrious pedigree.  She is out of SSirena, an outstanding bay mare with 100% pure Andrade bloodlines (rare in North America).  Her sire is the majestic 16:3+H blk/bay stallion, Bariloche do Arete.  He is imported and from proven FEI level dressage bloodlines.  DEM Andromeda is so expressive and powerful, yet elegant. She is one of the finest fillies being offered in the Lusitano Portfolio. Her training under saddle is well underway. DEM Andromeda is bred for competition, but is also a genetic treasure.  Imagine adding these exquisite bloodlines to your breeding program!  LOCATED NEAR RALEIGH, NC

DEM Xarrie

2010 Bay 15.1+H Lusitano Mare                                              video link
This lovely buckskin maiden mare sired by imported parents,  has an engaging and affectionate personality. Xarrie seeks to please, has excellent focus, wonderful transitions, cadence and rhythm. Dam: Xira Do Retiro 14.3H  x Bariloche Do Arete Bay 16.3+H, both parents imported from famed dressage breeders in Brazil. As both parents are approved in the APSL Stud book, Xarrie is also eligible for APSL.   LOCATED NEAR RALEIGH, NC
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