2018 Chestnut Lusitano Filly

Xerin CD x Halconero          
This lovely filly is APSL eligible and comes from performance bloodlines. Her sire Halconero (black) was schooled by a Canadian Olympic trainer to Grand Prix jumping in one year! Her dam's sire, Quarteto do Top, imported from Brazil, was a grand prix  dressage stallion trained by by Gunter Seidel (grey pictured).


2017 Bay Lusitano Colt                                               VIDEO LINK
This bay colt with gorgeous breed type is out of Xerin CD, a bay daughter of Quarteto do Top, FEI dressage imported stallion. He is statuesque, bold and curious. Excellent hip, nicely proportioned,  close coupled colt. Both parents revised, he is APSL eligible (Portuguese stud book).  Wonderful all around prospect for breeding or competition. Built to excel in working equitation, dressage, western dressage, eventing.   Located in UT. VIDEO LINK

Halconero Colt  

2018 Bay Lusitano Colt - APSL Eligible                

A gorgeous and agile colt with excellent proportions - short coupled with a massive engine. Sired  by Halconero - out of the imported APSL mare, Victoria MOR.  He will excel in a variety of disciplines, very well suited for dressage, working equitation or eventing.  Located in Utah.


2017  Lusitano Filly                                  
A beautiful filly with a bright future. Nacia is IALHA registered and will be a credit to your breeding program or performance goals. Nicia is just under 15 hands at 15 months, and has the conformation & movement suited for an superb dressage prospect.  Nicia has a wonderful, friendly and brave disposition.Her dam Topaz is an outstanding producer. She is sired by Halconero - grand prix jumper and bullfighting stallion. Don't miss this fantastic filly.   Located near Salt Lake City

Maya - SOLD

2016 Buckskin Lusitano Filly                                                     
This compact, baroque buckskin filly is out of the beautiful16H buckskin mare Caressa PL, [by Sonhador CD a son of Nostradamus do Mirante].  This dynamic filly is incredibly solidl!  She has effortless, catlike movement and a beautiful baroque  physique.  Her dam Caressa PL is also an IRREAL granddaughter (Andrade). Maya is sired by Halconero - grand prix jumper and bullfighting stallion.  She has inherited a wonderfully sweet and affectionate personality from her dam and a strong desire to be with her person. She will make a fantastic riding or breeding mare.   She has incredible substance, breed type and adorable character.  

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Rising StarsPartbred Lusitanos    

FOALS Rising Stars  - Colts & Fillies Weanlings, Yearlings,  to 2 Years Old

Levano  M - SOLD

2015 Black  Lusitano Colt                                                       
Gorgeous colt with tons of substance and correct proportions. Elegant head, neck and shoulder. Extremely friendly and calm colt sired by Bariloche do Arete.  

Lusitano Fillies Weanlings, 1 - 2 yrs

NACIA Purebred Lusitano Filly 

2017 Chestnut Filly                                                              
This elegant filly is an extreme beauty with graceful, expressive moveisment.  She is an exquisite example of the breed.  This precious young jewel of a Lusitano exudes the highest qualities desired in a performance horse, and would prove a treasure in anyone’s show or breeding barn.  This filly represents a rich lineage of both dressage and jumping prowess. Yours  to tap into this genetic legacy of form and function and to carry her celebrated dynasty into the future. Located in UT.      

Halconero Colt  

2018 Chestnut Lusitano Colt - APSL Eligible                

This classy colt is out of one of our best mares. Raposodia was imported from Portugal with a revision score of 77.   A really elegant colt with amazing movement and a flaxen tail.
DOB: 05/14/2018. Located in Utah.

Lusitano Colts  Weanlings, 1 - 2 yrs


2017  Lusitano Cross Gelding               

Picturd as a yearling, this is a Lusitano Sport Horse Gelding sired by E Preto x Jaz Azure (Azteca 'A' mare). His dam is a Lusitano x QH cross, called Azteca.  Located in Utah.


2017 Aprico Dun Stud Colt                                                 
This colt is sired by RF Tee J Steel Dust 100% NFQHA line bred on Poco Bueno.
Dam:  Zaphrodite a daughter of Quarteto do Top, FEI dressage stallion  Located in Utah