Iliad MC    SOLD

2013 Lusitano Colt                                                                               video link
This is a  tall, substantial grey purebred Lusitano colt sired by the imported black stallion Dolomit do Arete. At his 2nd birthday, he stands slightly under 16H. He has movements that will turn heads in the dressage ring. SOLD  VIDEO     Contact us for more info.

DEM Zayna  - SOLD

2014 Lusitano Bay Filly                                                         video link
This absolutely stunning bay filly is reluctantly offered for sale. She is a starlette and will dazzle you. 
Bred by Donemor Baroque Horse Farm, Zayna is a definite breeders choice filly She is out of the beautiful bay mare DEM Pieley and sired by Royalsstar. Already 16H at 3 yrs old.
  Contact us for more info.

DEM Leon de Regalo SOLD

2011 Grey 15H Gelding                                                                      video link
A standout in the 2011 herd of colts, DEM Leon de Regalo combines the best attributes of the Lusitano and Andalusian breeds. He inherited his wonderful temperament and graceful movements of his father DEM El Regalo. DEM Leon de Regalo already is an excellent competition candidate in different forms of dressage. Standing at 15H and growing.He is responding very well to his socialization training involving leading, loading, grooming and farrier.  Soon to be working under saddle, his training is underway. This young colt will combine physical strength, robust movement and a wonderful temperament fulfilling what some say makes Lusitano horses one of the best riding horses ever.Bred by Don E Mor, one of the largest Lusitano breeding farms in North America  Congratulations Lisa in Ohio!
 VIDEO     Contact us for more info
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DEM Salvador de Noche - SOLD

2011 Black 15.2H Gelding                                                                     video link
DEM Salvador de Noche is a Lusitano/Andalusian black gelding with stunning movement and presence. His dam is Noche Paloma /16.2H and sire is PRE Luna Eclipse/17 hands. This young black colt is very friendly and has taken well to our socialization training. He is extremely agile and athletic with a fantastic future. His ground work is well underway and his training in November 2014 includes the beginnings of going under saddle.  Registered IALHA purebred Andalusian. Bred by Don E Mor, one of the largest Lusitano breeding farms in North America     LOCATED NEAR RALEIGH, NC
 VIDEO     Contact us for more info

Lusitano SOLD Horses

DEM Luna Bailar - SOLD

2013  Lusitano Filly                                                                              video link
Stunning black filly born July 2013 out of the imported mare, Xira Do Retiro 14.3H  x the black imported stallion, Dolomit do Arete. An extremely nice quality filly that will be a fantastic adult with unlimited potential.  
  VIDEO     Contact us for more info.

DEM Melchizedek - SOLD

2014 Lusitano Colt                                                                        video link
This statuesque young colt has a noble birthright and he carries himself accordingly. He possesses the inherent calm demeanor of his sire, as well as strength, balance, and excellent cadence to his gaits.  Born May 2014 out of the spectucular imported grey 17H  mare, Tarumandai Do Penagono x Bariloche Do Arete 16.3+H stallion.  Mel will be very tall and will eventually turn grey like his dam. He is a fantastic sporthorse prospect with the mind and heart to excel in both classical and competitive dressage.  YEARLING  VIDEO     Contact us for more info.


2013 Bay Lusitano Stallion                   
VIDEOS      Under Saddle         Liberty video 
Commanding presence, fabulous cadence and balance... this extraordinary young unbred stallion stands over 16H. At just over 3 yrs old, he exhibits the aptitude and potential to become a brilliant dressage star.  Innovator’s pedigree is full of Medalla de Oro winners and renowned horses from the breed with very high revision scores. He has had winner written all over him from the day he was foaled. He has been stamped by his imported sire, Bariloche do Arete, a fantastic producer of quality offspring, and is out of the OPUS granddaughter, Tainha MC imported from the renowned breeder Arsenio Raposo Cordeiro in Portugal. Both Bariloche and Tainha MC are APSL Approved (Revised), making Innovator eligible for the Portuguese stud book.  Located in Ocala, FL
  Contact us for more info.

Jenisis SM     SOLD

2014 Lusitano Filly                                                                 video link
Jenisis SM is an elegant, tall, dark gray filly who already manifests extreme beauty and graceful, expressive movement even in her first year.  She is an exquisite example of the breed.  This precious young jewel of a Lusitano exudes the highest qualities desired in a performance horse, and would prove a treasure in anyone’s show or breeding barn.  Her pedigree is phenomenal, boasting champions on both sides.  Jenisis’ sire and dam come from the aristocracy of Lusitano blood and each parent reflects the superlative qualities of such historic breeding.  This filly represents an unprecedented opportunity to tap into a genetic legacy of form and function and to carry her celebrated dynasty into the future.  Don’t hesitate on Jenisis.  A horse of this quality is rarely offered for sale.     

Nochel Paloma    SOLD

1994 Black 16.2H BroodMare                                      video link
Producer of outstanding quality foals with great minds and fabulous movement.    
  VIDEO     Contact us for more info.

DEM Mielada  SOLD

2013 Half-Lusitano Filly                                                             video link
DEM Mielada Half Lusitano Grulla Yearling Filly bred by Donemor Farm. Located in N.C.  
  VIDEO     Contact us for more info.


DEM Battata - SOLD

2012 Lusitano 15.2H Filly                                                     video link
Born April 2012 out of the imported creme mare, Te Te VA, sired by imported buckskin Lavrador, 16.2H stallion. Altho she has not been DNA color tested, she has the appearance of being perlino.   APSL Eligible.
 VIDEO     Contact us for more info.

Fabian MC - SOLD

2010 16.1H Lusitano Stallion                                                                video link
Fabian is the very essence of balance in conformation, gaits and temperament. His gentle nature and extraordinary willingness to please makes him an excellent choice for a first time stallion owner. He has been schooling in the classical riding style, developing suppleness, balance and lightness to his gaits and his responsiveness to aids.
He is a joy to be around and a dream to ride. This 4 yr old has a lot to offer in the breeding shed and/or the performance arena.   Pure Arsenio Cordeiro bloodlines, both sire and dam imported from Portugal. Located in Virginia See his video. 

Rising Stars:  Partbred Lusitanos    

DEM Isabel - SOLD

2012 Bay Andalusian - Lusitano Filly                              video link
Isabel has beautiful movement with  excellent cadence, fluidity  and impulsion.  She is ready to begin her training under saddle and has an excellent mind and willing heart.  Born February 2012 out of the imported bay Lusitano mare, Zafra do Retiro, sired by the black Andalusian 17H stallion, Luna Eclipse. She is registered as a purebred S/P (Spanish Portuguese with IALHA). VIDEO     Contact us for more info.

Te Te VA     SOLD

1999 Smoky Creme 15.1H Lusitano Mare                             video link
This gorgeous, imported Lusitano mare is equivalent to the fairytale Goose that laid the Golden Egg, because Te Te Va has produced rare colored offspring every time, bred to a variety of stallions. Her beautiful buckskin, perlino, and smokey black offspring are recognized throughout the US as being top quality horses with the added bonus of color. Beyond her gorgeous conformation, she is a kind and sweet mare that is fun to ride and easy to breed. Te Te VA can fill a variety of roles at any farm. She is a valuable broodmare, a generous riding horse, and a loving companion. This mare is a perfect choice for the discriminating breeder wanting to produce beauty and color. She is an investment that will continue to generate big returns with her outstanding offspring. It’s unusual for a mare of this quality and to ever come on the market so don’t miss this opportunity!   Navarra HM  x  Dito. 

DEM Maximus

2009 Bay 15H Lusitano Gelding - SOLD
May 2017 Video                  Video Link II
Born April 2009, this bright bay Lusitano gelding is sired by the magnificent imported stallion Tejo II, a substantial black bay classical Lusitano perhaps whose greatest accomplishment is in the fine quality of his many offspring.  His dam is the stunning  bay Xira Do Retiro, imported from one of the most lauded dressage breeding programs in Brazil.  Maximus has inherited his sire and dam's athletic abilities and is well suited to a variety of disciplines.  Located in N.C. Maximus is schooling full time in dressage and shows the aptitude for the competition ring.  SHOW EXPERIENCE.  LOCATED NEAR RALEIGH, NC    Video Link    Contact us

DEM Amador  -  SOLD

2013 Lusitano Colt                                                                               video link
Born February 2013, Amador is a rare buckskin Lusitano colt with superb bloodlines, a beautiful conformation, and a very kind and generous temperament.  His sire is the magnificent 16:3+ blk/bay stallion, Bariloche do Arete, and his dam is the exotic buckskin, Naja Hi, who scored extremely high on her breed approvals before being imported to the US.  With his gorgeous demeanor DEM Amador is a jaw-dropping individual who could easily become a blue ribbon show stopper.  This a one-in-a-million colt embodies so many sought-after qualities.  If you are looking for a unique breeding stallion, a flagship horse for your farm to show, a remarkable riding horse, or a life-long partner to enjoy, DEM Amador offers all this and more.  DEM Amador is the last of an extraordinary blending. Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire this spectacular golden buckskin colt and unlock his enormous potential.   Located in North Carolina, bred by Donemor Farm.
  VIDEO     Contact us for more info.

DEM Benedicion - SOLD

2014 Lusitano Colt                                                                       video link
This playful, fun loving colt was born April 2014 out of DEM Alegre and sired by Lavrador, imported buckskin APSL approved 16.2H stallion. Benedicion is elegant and flashy, with remarkable agility.   Bene loves being the center of attention, has a clownish sense of humor, and can put on the moves!  Just watch how he puts on a show for the camera.  He will be an exhilarating dance partner - guaranteed enjoyment !   VIDEO    Contact us for more info.

DEM Ramses - SOLD

2013 Lusitano Buckskin Colt                                                          video link
This striking 2 year old Lusitano with his metallic shimmery gold coat is as sweet and sensible as he is alluring. His gaits are very balanced, as is his beautiful conformation. The  video was taken on Sept 2015 and shows a glimpse of how this spectacular beauty is developing into a very promising sport horse prospect.    VIDEO    

Levano  M - SOLD

2015 Black  Lusitano Colt                                                       
Gorgeous colt with tons of substance and correct proportions. Elegant head, neck and shoulder. Extremely friendly and calm colt sired by Bariloche do Arete.  

DEM Bonita - SOLD

2013 Dilute Lusitano Filly                                            video link
Born April 2013 out of the imported creme mare, Te Te VA, sired by the imported stallion Lavrador, 16.2H buckskin. Not yet DNA color tested, possibly either a cremello or a perlino - her two full siblings tested perlino. In ether case, she is a genetic treasure.  Beautiful uphill movement and remarkable athleticism. 
 VIDEO     Contact us for more info.

Naja  HI     SOLD

1993 Buckskin 15.1-1/2 H Lusitano Mare                        video link
An amazing imported mare who passes on her finest qualities. Naja is the most sweet and loving mare who has produced wonderful offspring. She has been a valuable broodmare, is healthy and u-t-d on everything. Very vibrant and younger than her years. Video was taken in October 2014.
 VIDEO     Contact us for more info.

DEM Capernicus  SOLD!

2009 Perlino 15.H Lusitano Gelding                                             video link
CAPERNICUS' training under saddle is progressing beautifully with walk, trot and canter in his repertoire. He is a balanced and kind horse with an earnest desire to please his rider! Lovely conformation and very nice gaits, he has been shown in a schooling show at Introductory level with scores in low 70’s.
This gelding brings forth unusual color from both his parents making him a rarity in any breed. His sire is the 16:1 h. imported buckskin stallion, Lusiadas, who combines the most sought after Portugese bloodlines, which are Veiga, Alter Real, and Andrade. His dam is the elegant, TeTe VA, a gorgeous smokey cream mare who produces color with every foal. DEM Capernicus reflects the athletic prowess of his proven pedigree, therefore, he is an excellent candidate for the classical horsemanship rewarded & celebrated in the Baroque Equestrian Games competitions. He could also do well in Working Equitation or Western Dressage.   Be prepared for heads to turn when this rare, shimmery cream colored Lusitano enters the ring. If you want to stand out in the crowd, DEM Capericus is your answer. You’ll be swamped with attention and fans. Bred by Don E Mor, one of the largest Lusitano breeding farms in North America. Congratulations Jasmine! We are thrilled about your new  partnership!    

Royalstar - SOLD

1998 Imported 16.1H Lusitano Stallion                                             video link

Royalsstar was bred by Arsenio Raposo Cordeiro of Portugal. Arsenio Codeiro is considered one of the most influential breeders of his time as well as an international judge and accomplished author.  Royalsstar, affectionately known as "Ronnie", is an approved APSL breeding stallion from Veiga and Andrade lines.   At 16.1H he has the perfect size, good gaits and an excellent work ethic. See Video of Ronnie at ERAHC Classic Aug 2013. 

DEM Troubador  - SOLD

2009 Bay Lusitano Gelding                                                                 video link
He is flashy, he is handsome and he is energetic. "One hundred percent athlete." That was the description a trainer used to describe DEM Troubadour.  Started under saddle with basics, in  full training with classical dressage master.   
This 15.3H gelding has so many of the qualities of a classic Lusitano, namely his versatility! He is a great all round prospect that exhibits the aptitude for dressage, eventing, working equitation and more. His dam, Ssirena, is 100% Andrade. His sire Lusiadas is 40% Veiga-40% Alter real-20% Andrade.  Bred by Don E Mor, one of the largest Lusitano breeding farms in North America. Located in Ocala, FL  LIBERTY Video    Video Under Saddle    

DEM Macondo - SOLD

2010 Talented 17H Dressage Gelding                                                    video link
This “bigger than life” 17H amateur friendly gelding has a heart as big as his size. It’s not a wonder, his sire and dam have consistently passed on the desirable qualities of beauty, size and temperament. Macondo’s sire, Bariloche do Arete is a magnificent imported black/bay 16.3+H Lusitano stallion who possesses the disposition of a dove, and has imparted that divine attitude to his son. Macondo’s dam, Finale TCV, was a dazzling dark bay Pure Spanish mare with expressive movement, size, glorious looks and an exceptionally loving temperament.  DEM Macondo is a joy to work with because he approaches his training with ease and munificence. His gaits reflect the attributes favored for competitive dressage. His qualities make him a perfect amateur’s horse, but that being said, most trained professionals would be proud to have him.  Bred by Don E Mor, one of the largest Lusitano breeding farms in North America.   LOCATED NEAR RALEIGH, NC     VIDEO    Contact us

DEM Prada - SOLD

2013 Bay Lusitano Filly                                                                       video link
May 2013 pure Lusitano filly, out of the imported mare Tarumandi do Pentagono 16.2h grey x Dolomit, black imported stallion.  
  VIDEO     Contact us for more info.

DEM Tesseract - SOLD

2014 Buckskin Lusitano Colt                                                                     video link
This is DEM Tesseract - an impressive yearling purebred Lusitano buckskin colt with tons of suspension in his gaits.  Born March 2014 out of DEM Trina 15H  bay mare,  and sired by Lavrador, buckskin APSL approved 16.2H stallion imported from Portugal.     VIDEO     Contact us for more info.

Tarumandai do Penagono      SOLD

2000 Grey 16.2 H Lusitano Mare                                 
The pinnacle of quality, this fabulous Brazilian imported mare has been one of the cornerstones of the Donemor breeding program. She has it all -  the nobility, presence,beauty  size and movement sought after ny discriminating breeders.  Manchete do Top x Almansor.