2013 Bay Lusitano Stallion                   
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Commanding presence, fabulous cadence and balance... this extraordinary young unbred stallion stands over 16H. At just over 3 yrs old, he exhibits the aptitude and potential to become a brilliant dressage star.  Innovator’s pedigree is full of Medalla de Oro winners and renowned horses from the breed with very high revision scores. He has had winner written all over him from the day he was foaled. He has been stamped by his imported sire, Bariloche do Arete, a fantastic producer of quality offspring, and is out of the OPUS granddaughter, Tainha MC imported from the renowned breeder Arsenio Raposo Cordeiro in Portugal. Both Bariloche and Tainha MC are APSL Approved (Revised), making Innovator eligible for the Portuguese stud book.  Located in Ocala, FL
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2010 Lusitano Stallion                  
Breathtaking 16.1H imported stallion, well behaved and easy to manage. Uphill, beautiful gaits. Natural Balance. Light to the aids, brave, very talented, loves to work. Smooth canter, half passes, flying changes, schooling pirouettes. Likes to be ridden on trails, super easy at shows and hauling, behaves perfectly in a crowded arena and with other stallions and mares. Whether your passion is dressage, working equitation, exhibitions or adventures with your best friend, Fandango will appeal to the discerning amateur or professional rider.  He is currently schooling 4th level movements in professional training; also ridden by a 13 yr old who rides him in and out of the busy arena, through puddles, low branches and among other horses, teenagers, dogs, etc. X-ays on file.  No health or maintenance issues. Goes barefoot. Great lines - his grand sire is the famous Lusitano stallion Hostil by the legendary stallion Zico.  Located in TX.


2009 Buckskin Lusitano/Andalusian S/P Stallion                  
A Rare "Alta Escuela" (High School) Classically Trained Stallion
Orofino is a living treasure built for the baroque style of riding from the classical period. He has the ultimate work ethic, is devoted and loyal, seeks approval, and is best appreciated by a confident rider. His training includes.... In hand: piaffe, levade, working terre-a-terre, and starting toward capriole.   Under saddle: a beautiful walk shoulder in, travers, renvers on straight and curved lines and on voltes; half pass, walk pirouette, turn on forehand, full pass. Brilliant lift on Spanish Walk. Trot work is shoulder in, travers, renvers, half pass, zig zags. Walk/Canter transitions. Starting passage and piaffe under saddle, which has great potential. He stands 15.1H and is 75% Lusitano, 25% Spanish.  His exceptional movement deems him a rarity with possessing the gaits for competitive dressage, and the willingness and aptitude for alta escuela and airs. Here is your ultimate partner for musical presentations and exhibitions. Located in NM. Video available.

XL Imported Lusitano Stallion

2003 Lusitano Exhibition, Schoolmaster & Lesson Horse                 
Ready to offer you an exciting education, this elegant imported Lusitano stallion is smooth and fancy. He is perfect for exhibitions. Standing at 15.3H, he is sound  and has no maintenance issues.  Light to the aids, with comfortable to sit gaits, he is fun for almost any level rider, has been giving lessons to amateurs. He has laterals, flying change, piaffe, passage, schooling pirouettes. Safe on trails, off the property, ok with noisy crowds.  No health or maintenance issues.  Located in Houston TX.  Inquire for pricing, details and video.   VIDEO I    |    VIDEO II

Royalstar - SOLD

1998 Imported 16.1H Lusitano Stallion                                             video link

Royalsstar was bred by Arsenio Raposo Cordeiro of Portugal. Arsenio Codeiro is considered one of the most influential breeders of his time as well as an international judge and accomplished author.  Royalsstar, affectionately known as "Ronnie", is an approved APSL breeding stallion from Veiga and Andrade lines.   At 16.1H he has the perfect size, good gaits and an excellent work ethic. See Video of Ronnie at ERAHC Classic Aug 2013. 

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Fabian MC - SOLD

2010 16.1H Lusitano Stallion                                                                video link
Fabian is the very essence of balance in conformation, gaits and temperament. His gentle nature and extraordinary willingness to please makes him an excellent choice for a first time stallion owner. He has been schooling in the classical riding style, developing suppleness, balance and lightness to his gaits and his responsiveness to aids.
He is a joy to be around and a dream to ride. This 4 yr old has a lot to offer in the breeding shed and/or the performance arena.   Pure Arsenio Cordeiro bloodlines, both sire and dam imported from Portugal. Located in Virginia See his video. 

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